Dr. Tom: “It’s strange seeing you this way. I mean, the same, but…yeah. Different.”

Future!Erica: “8 years. It’s a long time. A lot happens. It’s strange seeing you too. In a really great way.”

Dr. Tom: “You look happy.”

Future!Erica: “I am. And how are you?”

Dr. Tom: “Well, you know… Um…yeah, it’s been an interesting few months. The more you learn the less you know.”

Future!Erica: “Mh-hm.”

Dr. Tom: “I would ask you how it all turns out, but…but then you can’t tell me, can you?”

Future!Erica: “Well, I wish that I could stay and talk, but…”

Dr. Tom: “Oh yeah. Alright. I mean, if you HAVE to go…”

Future!Erica: “Mhh….”

Dr. Tom: “Yeah, yeah. I’m sure we’ll still be talking in 8 years from now.”

Future!Erica: “Goodbye, Dr. Tom.”

Dr. Tom: “Goodbye, Erica.”

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